Prayer Chain

Rosemary Prayer Chain exists to bring before God in prayer all those who ask for prayer for themselves, their family members or friends. Our desire is to glorify God and to show that his love and care extends to all.

Often in crisis situations of sudden illness, accident or also in long-term domestic situations, people feel that they would like other members of the church to pray for them for healing, for comfort, for strength or just for the awareness of God's abiding presence. This is when the Prayer Chain begins to function.

The Leader is contacted either by telephone or in person and she will then contact the members of the Prayer Chain as quickly as possible and ask them to pray for any situation. Prayer will be made regularly, often daily or weekly and updates, when known, will be given to the members of the Prayer Chain to help them to pray more specifically for some person or situation. Confidentiality is maintained at all times.

Many people have found the knowledge that people are praying for them has been of great comfort and support and in many cases it has been encouraging for all to see how God has answered prayer and challenged or strengthened faith or made a difference in some difficult fashion.

New members are always needed and if you feel you would like to become a member of the Prayer Chain please talk to Brenda Nicholl or Trevor Long.


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