Our Ministers

Rev. Philip McCrea was installed as our minister on 27th June 2007

Rev McCrea grew up in the congregation of Harryville in Ballymena. Having graduated from the New university of Ulster, in 1984 with a BA in History with Education he went on to study for a B.D. at Queens University in Belfast. During his training for the ordained ministry he spent the summer of 1985 as Assistant to the Convenor in Sion Mills and Urney congregations. In 1986 he started his Assistantship in Oldpark where he was ordained in 1988. In 1990 he received a call from the congregations of Castlecaulfield and Eglish, near Dungannon. It was in March 1996 that he was installed as minister of the congregation of Maghera in County Londonderry. Philip is married to Ruth and they have four children, Mark, Sarah, Laura and Nicola.

The Rev. Terry McMullan is our pastoral visitor

Terry is a North Belfast man who grew up in Duncairn. He and his wife Joyce have a daughter, two sons, and eight grandchildren, some living in Belfast and others in England.

Terry was ordained into the ministry in 1967, during his time as assistant minister in Seaview. From 1969 Terry and Joyce served with PCI in the Presbyterian Church in Malawi, until his appointment as Secretary of the Overseas Board of PCI in 1982. During his two decades in the post, Terry visited 20 countries throughout the world where PCI has partnerships. Following his "retirement" in 2002 Terry returned to his roots where he has ministered in several congregations in the North Belfast Presbytery.

Terry has been working in Rosemary two days each week since June 2005. He is secretary of the Management Committee of North Belfast Presbytery Urban Mission Trust. The Management Committee oversees the allocation of grants to congregations who are involved in outreach into their local community. In his spare time, (when?) Terry finds time to visit the gym several times a week, play the occasional game of golf and go walking. It's a case of retyrement rather than retirement.

Over the past six years Terry has renewed his knowledge of North Belfast with its diverse communities and is very concerned for the communities in the area which have undergone a process of secularisation over the past 25 years. He is keen to see congregations in the Presbytery reach out to their local communities, showing the love of Jesus Christ and inviting all to consider the claims of Jesus Christ upon their lives. Terry continues to value the opportunity to visit in Rosemary congregation and hopes to continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

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