The Guides is an organization that is open to all girls between the ages of 10 and 15 years. 28th Belfast "B" (Rosemary Guides) is on a Tuesday evening from 8.00pm until 9.30pm, at Ekenhead Memorial Halls. EVERYONE WELCOME!

On a typical Tuesday night the guides play games, learn new skills and more about God. Every month the guides work towards different badges. Each year group have a different trefoil to work towards and the highest award is the Baden Powell Award which we are currently working towards.

Each year our guide company goes on a camp usually to Lorne. At this camp we work towards different badges. We sleep in canvas tents we also cook on open fires. The down points of cooking on open fires are that you have to scrub the pots with a brillo until they shine like the day they were bought. At night time the guides have a great time keeping the guiders awake and altogether annoying them.
Camp is always great fun and is guaranteed to make you laugh.

In September 2003 we started to implement the new Brownie programme - The Brownie Adventure - which has been designed to better meet the needs of girls in the 21st century. This new programme is proving to be very popular with girls and leaders alike and the new style uniform, handbooks and badges have received a big thumbs up!

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