Holiday French Group

This small group of, currently, seven people meets at 8.00 o'clock in Room C in the halls on Monday evenings. We work (if that is the right word) from the BBC French Experience 1 book, each person doing as much or as little study as suits them.

The group was set up about 11 years ago so that those who holiday in France might improve their language skills and also to increase fellowship among church members, however modestly. The social aspect of our meetings is important to us, but amazingly our understanding of the language is also improving, be it ever so slowly.

If you are not looking for a formal, or serious school-type french class, you would be made very welcome in our group. If you have even an elementary knowledge of the language you will easily fit in. Those interested should contact Noel McGuiggan tel : 9085 3965 or just come along any Monday night.

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