Rosemary Drama Group has its origins in the old Guild, which put on many successful pantomimes and operettas in the 1950's, before the present Ekenhead Halls were renovated and extended. The original stage used to be the small raised platform at the back of the current Hall! 1963 was a key year for it was then that Rosemary Drama Group really came into being, producing "Romanoff and Juliet" by Peter Ustinov, for the Festival circuit and putting on "Beside the Seaside" by Leslie Sands, for the Portrush Summer Theatre.

Nearly 50 years later, this is still what Rosemary Drama Group does; two major productions each year. The late February play is performed on the local Festival circuit and is usually a serious drama, sometimes the classics, sometimes something more modern. Last year we put on a successful production of Thornton Wilder's "Our Town". We have reached the Ulster Finals on many occasions, the last time being 2005 with Brian Friel's "Dancing at Lughnasa."

The summer productions in Portrush are always great fun and we are proud that we have an unbroken record there of 48 consecutive productions. These plays are always comedies, usually local ones by Sam Cree, which are very popular with audiences.

We are always happy to perform the summer comedy for local charities and over the years have raised a considerable sum. We always enter our Festival play for the locally based Churches' Drama League where we have enjoyed considerable success. It can be hard work putting on a play but we always enjoy ourselves and aim for high standards. We are always looking for new members, regardless of age, gender or experience!

Rosemary Drama Group - "When we are married" by J.B. Priestley

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