Our Church

Our church is not a building, it is our members as a body of believers but since we couldn't get a picture of all of them here's a photo tour of our church buildings instead...

The main entrance to the church is shown opposite, right under the church tower.

The Sunday morning service starts at 11am and finishes after noon.

When you come into church - you enter through the vestibule (above), which leads on in to the main part of the church (left). On the left side of the pulpit the words of each hymn and song are displayed for your convenience! (and it means you keep your head up!)

There is no assigned seating, so you are welcome to sit anywhere.

Our church is decorated with flowers each week, and we also have colourful banners that hang at the front...

This is the view from the front.

We often have tea,coffee and soft drinks after the service where everyone can get to know each other and discuss the finer points of the sermon!! We even had a few pews removed to accomodate this, so come along!

Here is another picture taken from the North Circular Road.

Pictured in the centre are the Ekenhead memorial halls. The Sunday evening service is held here in a more informal setting with more contemporary hymns and worship songs. The halls are also used for the wide range of organisations which Rosemary Presbyterian Church have. For more information on the organisations, click here.
A closer view of the Ekenhead memorial halls.

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